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Tokunbo Market Africa is an E-Commerce platform unlike any other on the market. Tokunbo Market Africa gives easy access to trade various fairly used or brand new goods such as machinery,equipment,vehicles,dredgers,speed boats,vans, medical equipments, generators, furniture, different types of spare-parts etc. 

With utmost competence from  team of highly motivated people , Tokunbo Market Africa can stand among the top Nigerian trading platforms having earned a reputation for delivery , performance and capabilities in large number of fields

Tokunbo Market Africa is a  One Stop solution company, meticulous about services we provide so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Tokunbo Market Africa application was designed to provide clients with a virtual trading experience that breaches the gap between the supplier and consumer while making provision for in-depth analysis and viewing of products you choose to indulge .

Our Vision:

Delivering world class service in machinery and vehicle trading to consumers across the globe.

Our Mission:

We are Committed to quality and integrity in all aspects of our business- equipment, service and customer relationships.

Constant drive to satisfy our customers, keeping in mind our responsibility to our shareholders, employees and the community in which we operate.

Our Business Values

Accountability and Consistency: 

we can be trusted to deliver 101 times out of a 100 every time ,in any condition.


we are all we say we are ,nothing more nothing less. our word is bond.

Community development: 

Providing community service is where a means of satisfaction to our company.

honesty and dedication: Our services are provided with 100% dedication and honesty


we have chosen to satisfy all our customers as you have made us your number one choice car dealers in Nigeria.


we are here to stay for as long as there is a need for a car dealer in the market Tokunbo Market Africa would be there for you!



Tokunbo Market Africa offer a wide range of options whrn searching for cars online.Tokunbo Market Africa allows surfing of the web to browse available vehicles online and review specifics of design and technical aspects. Sometimes you may have to make a phone call or in-person visit.

Removes the distance between you and your dream car:

Tokunbo Market Africa offers convenience in shopping by the creation of a virtual car lot that has more to offer than any physical car store in Nigeria, bringing you more options for the same  product its like walking down the aisle at a supermarket.

Removes the potential of fraud:

These days online sales come with the potential for scams which could be executed by creation of replica pages of the website with the aim to trick online users into providing sensitive information like payment details. we suggest in-person payments. Also you would have to make a trip to look at the car and pay a mechanic for inspection of the vehicle before making any payment.

direct terms and price comparison:

Tokunbo Market Africa offers specific pricing and financing details. Cars traded by individuals may include an upfront price/prices. Occasionally you may have to fill out forms or send an email or make a call, but its usually easy to see costs and financing terms and conditions.

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Tokunbo Market Africa is a unique eCommerce platform that gives you easy access to various Tokunbo goods such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, Dredgers, Speed boats, Vans and Vessels.
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